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Maintenance Sports Massage and Body Maintenance

Running season is now here, we at Body Maintenance feel that it would be beneficial to discuss Maintenance Sports Massage.

Perhaps the most valuable application of massage concerning athletes is Maintenance Sports Massage. This form of massage is performed on regular intervals within the duration of the clients training program.

Studies show that regular maintenance sports massage significantly reduces recovery time allowing increases in frequency of intense training periods, thus providing an opportunity for the athlete to maximize their performance over a period of time. This produces more frequent training and faster skill acquiring.

In the case of maintenance sports massage, regularity of massage treatments is more important than frequency and any regularly scheduled massage will enhance the athletes training by controlling injury escalation and eliminating training staleness.

If you are currently in a training program for the upcoming race season, discuss regular massage therapy treatments with your coach. If you are following a self directed program, discuss your goals with your registered massage therapist to determine the best plan of care for your training program.


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